"Buy Now" rules

1- You can send your banknotes to us to be listed as "Buy Now" on our website.
A listing fee of 2 USD will be charged for each item you submit.
A commission of 15% will be charged when your listed product is sold. No commission will be charged from our customers who purchase the products.

2- You can set the sales prices of your products listed as "Buy Now" as you wish. Since all products on our site are listed in USD, prices must also be determined in USD. However, we reserve the right not to list these products if prices that are too exaggerated and unrealistic are determined.
It is not possible to change the determined prices later. Therefore, we ask that due care be exercised when determining the price.

3- The condition evaluation of the products you want to be listed as "Buy Now" is made by our company. Our customers who send products do not have any initiative in this regard.
However, if there is a condition evaluation made by you on the products you sent, if the evaluation made by our experts is lower than your condition evaluation, the product will be returned to you without being listed.

4- You cannot cancel your products listed as "Buy Now" within one month from the listing date. Those who request the return of their products within this one-month period must pay a 15% commission.
If the product has not been sold yet within one month after the listing, you can request the return of the product.
You may request that your product listed as "Buy Now" be removed from the "Buy Now" list at any time for consideration in our auctions.

5- You can add what you want to buy from the products listed as "Buy Now" to your cart. Adding a product to your cart does not give you any priority unless you pay for it. If another customer of ours buys and pays for the product that is also in your basket, that product will naturally be removed from your basket.

6- The prices of the products listed as “Buy Now” are fixed and no discount can be requested on these prices. Requests for a reduction in prices will not be answered.

7- In case your products not listed as “Buy Now” are sold, the sales price will be sent to the account number you want (to your USD account if available at the appropriate banks) within 15 days of the sale date.
If the product is returned by the buyer for any reason, the seller must also make the necessary returns to us.

8- When you purchase an item listed as "Buy Now", it will be shipped via TNT within three days at the latest.
Worldwide shipping with TNT costs $20.
However, if the number of products you receive is large, or weighs more than 1 kg, or is outside the central addresses, the shipping fee may vary and may increase up to 40-50 USD.
You can request that the products you purchase be sent along with the products you will receive later. However, the products you buy will be kept for a maximum of 3 months, and after three months, they will be sent to the address of the buyer registered with us..

9- Returns of items listed as "Buy Now" are subject to the same rules as items sold at our auctions. That is, you can return the product within one week from the date of receipt without any conditions. Returns made after one week will not be accepted by us.
Products in "as-is" condition and certified products cannot be returned under any circumstances.
If you want the products you bought and paid for to be kept waiting, you will not be able to return the product when you receive it later. Because the price of the products sold is paid to the sellers, late returns cause problems for the system to function.

10- Only banknotes are listed in our auctions. For this reason, we ask that no coins, medals or commemorative coins be sent.
In the same way, we request that bundles, fancy banknotes, fake banknotes, printed banknotes, stamps, ephemera, catalogs not be sent outside the Turkish Republic.

11- You can pay the price of the products you want to buy on our "Buy Now" page by credit card using a 3D security password on our website, or you can pay by contacting us with other payment methods such as Paypal, Payoneer, Bank Transfer, Western Union.