Coins come to mind when someone says money collecting.

It is very reasonable considering that coins go back thousands of years. 

Although not as common as coin collecting, having a history of 100-150 years, banknote collecting has been growing rapidly over the past years and thousands are collecting banknotes under different titles worldwide.

Some collect United States banknotes whereas others collect English, African, French, Arabian banknotes or banknotes from a specific continent.

Banknote collectors are not limited to countries or continents in other words to geographical areas but they usually prefer to collect banknotes related to historically important periods such as banknotes from the period of Queen Elizabeth II, King IV George, Inonu, World War II, Japanese Invasion and German Invasion.

In addition to those, there is a great number of people collecting replacement, misprinted, specimen, first edition banknotes and banknotes with special serial numbers.

That is to say, there are hundreds of alternatives for people who would like to collect banknotes.

In the past, most collectors used to collect banknotes of their own countries due to the convenience of finding and having more information about the prices. The number of collectors interested in banknotes from different countries has grown rapidly over the past years with the progress in communication, technology and internet. Especially internet’ s becoming more accessible and widespread made collectors’ work easier by creating a medium where they can easily find the banknotes they look for.

Green Apple Auction is a brokerage firm created to facilitate a way for the collectors to find the products they look for and sell excessive banknotes at their real price.

The founder of our firm is also a banknote collector and has been collecting Queen Elizabeth II banknotes for years. Although there are many firms conducting auctions worldwide, Green Apple Auctions is founded with our founder’s realization of a need for a firm specialized only in banknotes.

Therefore, our firm is founded only to conduct banknote auctions.

Green Apple Auction is not founded with commercial reasons only, we also intend to create a place where collectors can find the best products and sell their excessive products at their real price and we also hope to increase interest in banknote collecting.

We hope to succeed....